Hello World

by fadzuli said

Ok, so I took my first concrete step in game development 8 years ago when I first decided to change course from information technology to entertainment technology. Fast forward to now and although I have learnt a lot, met interesting people and worked on some cool projects, there isn't something out there I could point out and proudly say "I finished that.".

Looking back, I felt the most productive and happy at the Entertainment Technology Center where I experienced first hand that a lot of things could really be done in 2 weeks. So I decided that this year I need to get back to the basics. I am going to spend this year making a game a month and document the process here.

There is a Chinese idiom 马到成功 which means "The war is won when the calvary arrives.". This being the zodiac year of the horse, I figured this is the perfect time to start on this journey.